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ShellBond holds several application patents on the process of converting organic calcium based animal bones, egg shells, and marine shellfish into a unique organic calcium hydrate, Ca (OH)2 or “ShellBond”.  Our product is identified as a unique calcium hydrate polymorph or crystal that has demonstrated exceptional “super sponge like” bonding qualities.  As a result of its unique chemical bonding properties, the material has applications in water, consumer products, pharmaceutical, construction and environmental cleanup industries.  The potential applications are related to its strong molecular bonding ability across a diverse number of materials and elements.  ShellBond has demonstrated to be an effective and environmentally safe and non toxic material to clean up oil spills on water and land.

ShellBond’s crystal is highly adsorbent with hydrocarbons.  We have developed several organic and safe products such as an organic soap which has been demonstrated to safely and effectively remove oil and related toxins from animals and birds which point to related consumer detergent applications.  Other products on this site illustrate applications to Agriculture, Farming, Petroleum Industry, Construction and Marine Habitat Restoration.  We encourage you to explore the site and contact us directly for more details.

We continue to research with leading universities and academic partnering relationships in pursuit of further patents and the development of additional commercial applications.  Ongoing applications and research continues for demonstration as a proven effective and valuable replacement for “Non-Green” reagents and surfactants used in oil toxin removal from marine environments. 

ShellBond has assembled a management team with research and leadership experience in Ocean physics and environmental monitoring and assessment, as well as a world caliber team of Science Advisors from leading universities. Our team is continuing to conduct research on new applications and quantification of the results exhibited from this new calcium polymorph.  ShellBond powder has proven characteristics for improving water quality, environmental oil spill remediation, restoring ecological balance while utilizing a self sustaining technology to return a safe additive (calcium hydrate-ShellBond) to the marine and terrestrial environments.

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