ShellBond Paint

To achieve the goal of protecting or sealing, most paints and sealants are designed to cover and exclude interaction with air, sun and water, that will break the seal and begin the oxidation process. This is easily observed by seeing the rust on metal bridges or highway railings, or the fact that many woods used in outdoor applications will rot in time. ShellBond paint has taken a different approach to protection. Made with natural and organic ingredients, ShellBond paint forms a covalent bond with wood or metal. The protection comes from allowing the material to “breath” and therefore forming an anti-oxidizing paint for metal. Safe, easy to apply and anti-oxidizing, ShellBond paint has many applications in the Oil and Gas industry, construction and most areas where an environmentally safe product is needed for sealing and protecting wood or metal while inhibiting rust and rot.

According to Wikipedia, ”A major source of man-made VOCs is solvents, especially paints and protective coatings. Solvents are required to spread a protective or decorative film. Approximately 12 billion liters of paints are produced annually. Typical solvents are aliphatic hydrocarbons ethyl acetate, glycol ethers, and acetone. Motivated by cost, environmental concerns, and regulation, the paint and coating industries are increasingly shifting toward aqueous solvents.” 

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